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Netgear WiFi Range Extender

Sometimes its really frustrating to watch live videos with really slow network strength, holding up till the whole video gets buffered is really the worst way to get entertained. To overcome issues like dead zones, low signal strength, low wifi speeds, we use devices called WiFi Range Extenders. Netgear gives you a whole range of wifi range extenders. Each Netgear Range Extender has different features and area coverage range, and you can choose from them based on your needs. With the help of wifi Extenders, you can increase the range of your wifi router and also your signal strength.

When you try to access the website to set up your Netgear WiFi extender, you might receive an error message or be unable to connect to the site. This can occur because is not a basic website which you visit regularly. It is a special local web address used to open the settings (Genie or Smart Wizard) of a NETGEAR WiFi range extender. To open the correct settings page your computer must be either physically connected by Ethernet or wirelessly connected to your NETGEAR range extender to access this web address.

If your computer is not connected to the Internet, you might see one of the following error messages:

Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. “Page cannot be displayed’ or “You are not connected to a network.”
Google Chrome. “Unable to connect to the Internet. Google Chrome can’t display the webpage because your computer isn’t connected to the Internet.”
Firefox. “Server not found. Firefox can’t find the server at”
Safari. “Can’t find the server.”


To troubleshoot issues connecting to

  • Put your wifi range extender into the same room as your wireless router.
  • After setup is complete and you have a working connection to the wireless router, you can move the extender to its intended location.
  • Make sure that the NETGEAR wireless range extender is plugged into a power source. If the extender is receiving power, the power LED lights.
  • If your NETGEAR wireless range extender has a PC to Extender LED or a Device to Extender LED, make sure that it is lit.
  • If it is not lit, unplug both ends of the Ethernet cable that is connecting your range extender to your device and plug it in again.
  • In your web browser’s address bar, enter the extender’s default IP address:
  • If you still cannot access your extender, reset your browser and try again.
  • For more information, see How to clear the cache and browsing history on popular browsers
  • Try using a different web browser to verify that the issue is not browser related.
    Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are free browsers and are available for all major operating systems, you can download any and check if the issue gone?
  • Connect your PC to the extender via Ethernet cable.
  • Assign your computer a static IP address.
  • Before you change any network settings, note your current Default gateway (Windows) or Router (Mac) address.
  • Use the IP address and the subnet mask
  • If you still cannot access your extender, contact OUR EXPERTS Toll Free on 1-866-988-8965.

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